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Object Table: Access All Data & Avoid Selections

Q) How can selections be turned off on Qlik object type "table", while retaining full access to data.  The option 'noInteraction' appears not to achieve both.

Our goals for retrieving the table in our mashup:

  • Prevent the end user from making selections
  • Allow the user to scroll, page through the table's many rows to see all data.


Currently, we are loading our Qlik data table object (via app.getObject) with the config option noInteraction set to true. While it is indeed preventing interactions on the table, there are a few UI issues we are facing:

1) The interaction buttons (for columns and rows) on the table are, as expected, become non-interactive. What we don’t expect is for them to appear at all, seeing how they serve no purpose when disabled. Our work-around solution is hiding their containing div with CSS.

2) With interactions turned off, the table is no longer scrollable. Upon further investigation, when trying to remove the protective “overlay” layer with CSS, the table is scrollable again. However this layer appears to be the only means of preventing interaction as the row labels are now “interactable”, changing to green/selected state upon clicking them.

3) There do not appear to be public events or mediator mechanisms to indicate when a specific object has rendered. At our current state, it would be ideal to leverage this event to resize our object’s container to the height of the data table within.

Followup Questions

Q) What is the recommended way to hide the two table buttons?

Q) How do we see all our horizontal rows?

Q) What other options are there for getObject method besides noInteraction?

thank you very much,


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