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Old App Generated from Odag retrieves new script and sheet from original odag template?

Hello everyone... I have a question:

An Old App Generated from Odag, retrieves new script and sheet from original odag template?

Like that scenario steps:

  1. Yesterday Odag Template had: 2 sheet, and some script
  2. Yesterday I generated a Odag App
  3. Today I edit the Odag Template adding a new sheet (so now there are 3 sheet) and edit some script
  4. Today I launch the App generated Yesterday. Will be this app with the new 3 sheets and edited script? Or will still has the same sheets and script?


Riccardo Schillaci
BI Technical Analyst
Datawarehouse & Business Intelligence
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Hi, I haven't tested recently but if I remember it well the old app will not get any modifications, once is generated is an independent app.