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One App in Multiple Streams (Qlik Sense)

Beginner Qlik Sense question I'm having trouble tracking down.

We previously used Qlik Sense for our finance team and have made a number of reports for them in their stream. We are beginning to open up the tool to other areas of the company and there is a desire for other departments to access the reports that Finance has in their streams, but not all of them since they have some privileged information in a few of their reports.

What is the best way to handle this? Can you have one app that is run nightly and then copied to different streams? Do you have to just grant users access to the report independently of any stream we may make for them? We are planning on creating streams for each department since they will have their own unique reports, but some will need to be in multiple streams. I know of the "everyone" stream, but that won't work because this info won't be for everyone, just a few teams out of many.

We don't want to have to run a report multiple times overnight and are looking for what the best practices for this may be.