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Operations Monitor v2.0.2 issue on reloading


After upgrading from v1.0.1 to v2.0.1 and after to v2.0.2 I have the following error during the reload process of Operations Monitor app.

The following error occurred:

Field not found - <ActiveDocSessions>

The error occurred here:



        timestamp(Timestamp(Timestamp#(Replace(Left("Timestamp",15),'T',' '), 'YYYYMMDD hhmmss')),'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss[.fff]') AS LogEntryPeriodStart,

        timestamp(Timestamp(Timestamp#(Replace(Left(Timestamp,15),'T',' '), 'YYYYMMDD hhmmss')),'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss[.fff]') AS LogTimeStamp,


        ActiveDocSessions,ActiveDocs,ActiveUsers,CPULoad/100 as CPULoad,LoadedDocs,Selections,

  Round("VMCommitted(MB)"/1024,0.01) as VMCommitted,

                                        Round("VMAllocated(MB)"/1024,0.01) as VMAllocated,

    Round("VMFree(MB)"/1024,0.01) as VMFree,

                                        round("VMCommitted(MB)"/("VMFree(MB)"+"VMCommitted(MB)"),0.01) as VMPctCommitted,

                                        Id as _proxySessionPackage,

                                        'Engine' as Service,

                                        Level as Severity,

                                        lower(Hostname) as Hostname


        Id as Id_temp


      FROM 'lib://ArchivedLogsFolder/umbqlik-s.umbra.local\Engine\Trace\UMBQLIK-S_Performance_Engine_2015-07-18T07.55.00Z.log'

      (txt, utf8, embedded labels, delimiter is '\t', msq)

      WHERE isnum(Sequence#)

Data has not been loaded. Please correct the error and try loading again.

How can I fix it ?

Could someone help me ?

Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards

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Re: Operations Monitor v2.0.2 issue on reloading

Hello Andrea,

Sorry I did not see this post and question.

Are you still experiencing issues?

My recommendation is to either upgrade to the latest SR (2.0.6?).

Or, remove (or rename) the existing Operations Monitor and import the Operations Monitor again from Qlik\Sense\Repository\DefaultApps. You might consider removing all of the QVDs in the Qlik\Sense\Log folder - these are created by the Monitoring Apps and will be created again with a reload.

Sorry for the long delay in a response!


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