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Out of Calculation Memory error in Straight Table

Hi All,

I am new to Qlik Sense and I have an urgent requirement as follows

A straight table with 16 columns out of which 11 columns are dimensions and 5 columns are calculated measures.

Measure Expression is as below


sum({$<OrderYear = {$(=max(OrderYear))}, OrderMonth = {"<=$(=max({<OrderYear={$(=max(OrderYear))}>} OrderMonth))"}>} Sales*1)/1000,



sum({$<OrderYear = {$(=max(OrderYear))}, OrderMonth = {"<=$(=max({<OrderYear={$(=max(OrderYear))}>} OrderMonth))"}>} Sales*2)/1000,


sum({$<OrderYear = {$(=max(OrderYear))}, OrderMonth = {"<=$(=max({<OrderYear={$(=max(OrderYear))}>} OrderMonth))"}>} Sales*1)/1000)))

Now my straight table is throwing "Out of Calculation Memory error". So, I am trying to load the expression into a variable in the load script but I have no idea on how to do this.

Can someone suggest me how to load this expression into a variable in the load script and then call that variable in the measure in the straight table.