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Output variable text to a field


Is it possible to join multiple strings to output in a single data item, based on conditions within a chart?

E.g. Null data in column 1, Warning Message column will show 'Missing Data in col 1'

         Incorrect Price in column 2 Warning Message column will show 'Incorrect Price in col 2' 

         Null data in col 1 and Incorrect Price in col 2, Warning Message data column will show 'Missing Data in col 1,   Incorrect Price in col 2'

        etc etc.

I  have multiple data fields, so am looking to check each one and join each error message into a single data item if possible?

Any ideas would be appreciated.






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Re: Output variable text to a field

It might not be the best way to do it but you can use a lot of if sentences like this


if(isNull(Column1), 'Missing Data in col 1',

if(Incorrect Price Column2, 'Incorrect Price in col 2' ,

if(isNull(Column1) and Incorrect Price Column2, 'Missing Data in col 1, Incorrect Price in col 2'


You just need to be caferul about how you use it because in this example it is never goin to be in the third condition because the first one was already fulfilled.


Sorry about my english, i hope this helps.