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Parallel Coordinates chart for QlikSense

Dear community,

I am trying to make a Parallel Coordinates chart with QlikSense, but don`t know how.

Here is the example of the chart which is originally created with QlikView.


Brilliant Qlikview Parallel Co-Ordinates Chart | QVDesign

It will be very helpful if QlikSense extension is available.

If there is no extension, does anyone know how to create such chart with QlikSene?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Parallel Coordinates chart for QlikSense

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Re: Parallel Coordinates chart for QlikSense

Hi Shraddha,

Thanks for the information.

Actually I found the same sankey chart earlier, but it`s slightly different from what I want.

In the sample chart of QlikView, colours are divided so we can trace the data flow among multiple axises.

Parallel Coordinates chart.JPG

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