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Parent Child Hierarchy

I am developing the PNL in Qlik Sense. It has multiple levels and parent child relationships. For example:


--Revenue from Stores

--Revenue from WebSales

Cost of Goods

--Cost of ...

-----Cost of .......

And in this way the level are not balanced but hierarchial.

The user needs results in levels. Let say they see the first level at first which is:


Cost of Sales

Gross Profit

Other Income

Admin Expenses

Hr Cost




Net Profit or Loss

and then if they clik on Cost of Sales, its lower levels are shown.

How to do this in Qlik Sense.?

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Re: Parent Child Hierarchy

Hi Mohammad,

It would be better to see sample data.  Maybe you can mock up a spreadsheet of the detail?

For revenue, could you create an attribute: Revenue Source ("Store","Web") and Revenue Source Name (e.g. store name, website address).  What is the parent-child relationship with revenue?  Could you give some detail for cost of goods as well?

I'm having to deal with a similar situation where I have child dimensions for measures which are at the parent level.

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