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Percent of column calculation

I'm trying to do a win/loss analysis and want to figure out the best way to determine wins, loss, DQ.

The data looks like:

Competitor Name     Status     Distinct (Opp ID)      Win/Loss rates

Comp A                    Won             673                               %

Comp A                    Lost              221                               %

Comp A                    DQ               425                                %

I assume the best way is to create an if/then expression that returns won, lost or dq but I don't know how to have it show as a percentage vs. a #.

Any ideas?

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Re: Percent of column calculation

Do a pie chart on status counting the distinct number of opportunities which a filter on competitor name should give you a nice start.

a KPI on count(<Status={'Won'}> [Opp Id]) / count([Opp Id]) should give you the win rate with formatting as a percentage applied.

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Re: Percent of column calculation

a few ways but the TOTAL method is pretty easy:

count( Distinct [OppID])


count( TOTAL  Distinct [OppID])