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New Contributor

Performance problem in a conditional display


I develop an application with about 550,000 rows and 550 columns in a fact table. I am confronted with a performance problem in a conditional display.

Basically what the formula does: we have 4 scenarios ACT YTD, Last Year YTD, Last Year Full, Budget. The Budget should only be displayed in the barchart if 3 elements of the "Profile" dimension are selected and only these 3 elements. The "profile" dimension has 4 different values.

This is what has been done generically and it works but the app is very slow:

pick(mixmatch(KPI,'Full N-1','Budget N','YTD N-1','YTD N'),


if(index(GetCurrentSelections(Dim),'VALEUR1')>0 and index(GetCurrentSelections(Dim),'VALEUR2')>0 and index(GetCurrentSelections(Dim),'VALEUR3')>0,CalculBudget),



Does anyone have any idea how to simplify this formula or any other way to get the same result?

Thanks in advance