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Pie chart showing Share (%) and Value

Using Qlik Sense April 2018

I tried to create a Pie chart but was only able to select show: value, share, none. I would like to select value and share on the chart. I saw in QlikView it was not possible but I was hoping someone found out how to do it in Qlik Sense or found an extension that allows this? I only know a limited amount of JavaScript so I'm not sure if I could create a whole extension myself from scratch just o add this capability.

Right now I am creating the pie chart twice, once to display the share and once to display the value. I'd like to only have one.

Thank you for your time and knowledge.

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Re: Pie chart showing Share (%) and Value

I found some workarounds that said you can you can have the name show percent and value in the pie chart.

Display Value and Percentage in Pie Chart

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Re: Pie chart showing Share (%) and Value

the expression given is not working