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Pivot Table Help

Hi Guys,

I'm currently creating a Pivot table to show the results of multiple KPI's broken down by month.

My Rows are the KPI's themselves i.e.

Ref           Name


A1            Number of Referrals

A2            Number of Referrals seen within 5 working days

A3            Number of Urgent Referrals seen within 2 working Days

My Columns are the form submission months i.e.

2017 Sept      2017 Oct       2017 Nov

So I end up with the Pivot Table looking how I want it like this.....


However, when I insert my formula for the Measures it does not work....

I'm currently going with something like this....

=if(Ref='A1',Count([Referral ID]),

if(Ref='A2',Sum(Aggr(If(NetWorkDays("Submission date", "Start Time", '25/12/2017','26/12/2017','01/01/2018','01/01/2018') <= 6, 1, 0),[Referral ID])),

if(Ref='A3',Sum(Aggr(If(NetWorkDays("Submission date", "Start Time", '25/12/2017','26/12/2017','01/01/2018','01/01/2018') <= 3, 1, 0),[Referral ID]))))

And I'm either getting blanks or numbers that are completely off.

I know these formulas on their own work as I've created them using the KPI chart in Qlik with the correct values. It appears to be an issue with the way I've set the pivot table up.

Any help would be much appreciated

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Re: Pivot Table Help

Any help with this one would be great, its abit of a stumbling block for my work.


Re: Pivot Table Help

I think you should make a straight table and then use fieldvaluelist() and pick() functions to get this to work. There are some threads about them. So you might find them by searching those functions. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, hope this is enough to get you in the right direction.