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Pivot table continually recalculates and resizes its columns

I have a case where some of my Qlik Sense pivot tables:

  • continually recalculates itself every second or so; and/or
  • some of the columns resize themselves, or the columns jiggle around making it difficult to select the column borders to resize them manually.

While this is happening the scroll bars are reset themselves to their starting positions if you try to use them.

In one case I can reproduce this when I make use of a column dynamic dimension using aggr (AR aging example):


$(vMaxTotalPeriod) - min({<[Month End Date]={"<=$(vMaxMonthEndDate)"}>} [Period Number]),
[Company Number], [Document Number]

If I replace the above with a normal static column dimension then there is no automatic recalculation and no column resizing/jiggling.

In other cases there is automatic column resizing/jiggling occurs even when there isn't a dynamic dimension involved. In these cases it is usually when the pivot table grows quite wide due to dimensions' visibility being toggled through the use of the "Show column if" dimension property.

This occurs on both Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.


Has anyone else encountered something like this?

Maybe I should do a screen capture to better explain the behavior.


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Re: Pivot table continually recalculates and resizes its columns

Do you have any sample file that I could import on my environment, to see the behavior of your pivot table?
If possible please attach it here or send it to me via direct message so I can investigate further.

Thank you in advance.

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