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Points missing on Scatter Plot ?

Hi, I have created a scatter plot with two numerical Measures - "days since last activity" and "rank" with a company Name as the dimension - however its doing something rather strange !  When I select a data set with < 1000 items - everything with a value of under 25 on the x axis does not show on the plot.   If you select he range in the X - Axis scale at the bottom the points are clearly  there and are selected such that another chart shows the list of accounts - but the points do not appear on the Scatter plot !

I have tried re-creating the plot and even re-built an app with only this in it and it does the same thing ...  Any clues ?



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Re: Points missing on Scatter Plot ?

Can you share an example application or data to see the issue?

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Re: Points missing on Scatter Plot ?

Sure will send an example to you by email

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Re: Points missing on Scatter Plot ?

There are missing values for days since last activity, so these can't be displayed.

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Daniel Zanders