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Possible to increase the resolution for QS SHEET ?

HI All

i have try to create report in QS , I notice that max I can put is 6 chart in one sheet , my question is it is possible to increase the solution of the screen , so that I can paste more then 6 chart in  sheet.

Edit :- I awake is not possible , I just try to ask , may be some one have work around.


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Re: Possible to increase the resolution for QS SHEET ?

Resize the charts in design mode. A lot more than six charts can be added.

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Re: Possible to increase the resolution for QS SHEET ?

Remember Paul this is a responsive environment so if you try to design for one resolution you will end up disadvantaging them when it comes to viewing on another device.  This minimises one of the big advantages to using Sense over View for example.

My tip would be to spread your charts across multiple sheets grouping by topic of interest if they need to be visible full size all the time.

If you can make your charts a little smaller it will work better my KPI Screen contains 6 kpis, 6 trend charts 2 filter boxes and a master calendar and I still have room to spare.  As a user you can always expand an individual charts to full screen if necessary using the control in the right hand corner of each chart.  this would be a training exercise for your users.