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Possible to sort x axis on alternate dimension?

I have a line chart in Qlik Sense that has an x axis with a dimension called Station and an alternate dimension called Location.  I'd like to be able to sort the Station dimension by its Location.  Right now, as a quick fix, I have concatenated Location to the beginning of the Station name and that works.  However, I think it would look cleaner if I didn't have to do that.  Thanks.


Alternative Dimension:

     Station Name

Since Qlik Sense gives you the option of choosing your alternative dimension for both Month and Location, it is possible for Location to be on the X Axis in combination with either Month or Station Name; or you can have Station Name on the X as well as Month or Location.  When Station Name is on the X axis I would like it to be sorted by Location if this is possible.

See attached application.

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