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Preset filters on app open in Server

Hi all.

I was wondering if it was possible to have some filters preset for all users when they open an app on a Qlik Sense Server? We have an app that has many filters and some visualizations that don't make sense unless some of them are sat. I would therefore like to have 2 different filters sat with a default value when users open the app. An example is the year filter. You have to choose a year for some of the visualizations to make sense but you must be able to switch between years. That is why it's a filter but I would like to default it to a year rather than it being not sat when an user opens the app.

Hope it makes sense :-)


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Re: Preset filters on app open in Server

This is today not possible.

You could however make a kludgy work-around, where you use Set Analysis. If the following is used as measure a chart will show numbers for a specific year, if no selection is made:

   Sum ({$<Year={"$(=If(Count(distinct Year)=1, Only(Year), 2015))"}>} Amount)