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Problem when filtering calculated dimensions qlik sense

Hello everyone,

I think I have found a very weird behavior in Qlik Sense. I have just finished loading a set of variables from an excel file, and everything was working wonders until I try to apply a filter for the field "Day". Instead of the field "Day", I'm using a master dimension with the formula =$(dDay_Field) which contains "Dual('Day ' & Day, Day)", and it works in all the charts as expected without filters.

The issue comes when I try to filter by day a chart that is comparing today vs yesterday. I'm ignoring the day dimension and calculating everything in the set analysis, but I believe that Qlik doesn't recognize my dimension as day, and it doesn't ignore it, giving me the value for today for every day that I select.

The formulas are the following:

Master Dimension

     Field: =$(dDay_Field)

     Name: Day

     dDay_Field = Dual('Day ' & Day, Day)

Chart formula

     Sum({<DATUM_ID={$(=Max(DATUM_ID))}, Date, Year, Month, Day>}KPI_VALUE)


     Sum({<DATUM_ID={$(=Max(DATUM_ID-1))}, Date, Year, Month, Day>}KPI_VALUE)

Does someone see a possible solution for this problem? Is there a special syntax for calculated dimensions?


Edited to clarify the issue.

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Re: Problem when filtering calculated dimensions qlik sense

You're not ignoring the date fields in the Max function. Try:

Sum({<DATUM_ID={$(=Max({<Date, Year, Month, Day>}DATUM_ID))}, Date, Year, Month, Day>}KPI_VALUE)


     Sum({<DATUM_ID={$(=Max({<Date, Year, Month, Day>}DATUM_ID-1))}, Date, Year, Month, Day>}KPI_VALUE)

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Re: Problem when filtering calculated dimensions qlik sense

Hi gwassenaar,

Thanks for the answer . That is the thing, I'm not ignoring the date fields in the Max function because I want the set analysis to be sensitive to date changes, but not the model for the KPI.

For example, if I select Date 2018-10-31

  • I want the set analysis to calculate
    • Today's KPI_VALUE for DATUM_ID=20181031
    • Yesterday's KPI_VALUE for DATUM_ID=20181030.
  • I don't want the model for the KPI to change, or it would always give me 0 for yesterday's function. My problem is that Qlik is still considering the Day field even when I ignore it in the formula here:
    • Sum({<DATUM_ID={$(=Max(DATUM_ID-1))}, Date, Year, Month, Day>} KPI_VALUE).

The question would be: Is there a way to ignore a calculated dimension in a formula when using a master dimension? Is there any special syntax to ignore the calculated dimension?

Best regards,