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Problems with Vizlib Sheet menu

Hello everyone, I am using the Vizlib sheet menu for the sheets of one of my apps. This allows me to navigate through the sheets, add OnOpen actions and freeze filter panels on extended sheets.

BUT there are two problems with this objects that I need help with.

1- On extended sheets, if I scroll down the sheet, the top and sidebars freeze so I keep them in my screen all the time to apply filters or navigate through sheets. This is the case of the top and selection bars on the default qliksense view.

The problem is that, with this extension,  the selection bar loses this characteristics, and scrolls away when I go down the sheet. Is there a way to fix the position of the selection bar just like it does when we don't use Vizlib Sheet Objects.

2- Using the Vizlib object, using a custom top menu, on the native buttons, there are two that seems to be bugged.

      -The navigation button: when you open it and go to app overview, it appears bugged like this everytime:

          The icons overlap, it doesn't show the description of the app, and even though the custom top menu bar is there. t doesn't work either.bug.JPG

2-This goes along with the issue that no matter how I do it, the application native button (the one that shows the banner with the app title and info in every sheet) Buggs and either does nothing or opens a white rectangle on the bottom of the sheet

If these could be solved because I am doing something wrong, it would be extremely helpful.

thanks in advance! 

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