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Problems with YTD expression


I have some problems with an expression.


Im trying to calculate the YTD (Year to date) number of orders.

Thank you in advance.

Manuel Coterillo

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Re: Problems with YTD expression

What is the issue you are running into? Have you checked Fecha is dual field where you can find its Max and also can have Less than equal to (<=) check?

Re: Problems with YTD expression


Si usted está tratando de conseguir este año que va del año y si su ejercicio se inicia a partir de enero Mes entonces todo lo que necesita hacer es.

Count ({$ <Año = {$ (= Max (OAN))}>} KEYPED)

Si el mes comienza a partir de abril, entonces debería probar esto.

Count ({$ <Fecha = { "> = $ (= Yearstart (Max (Fecha), 0,4))"}>} KEYPED)

Para obtener más información sobre dicho cálculo echar un vistazo a el siguiente enlace.



Kaushik Solanki

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Re: Problems with YTD expression

I would suggest using flags with a master calendar to avoid the hassle altogether

How to use - Master-Calendar and Date-Values