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Profiling Cards not available

Hello Community,

I've tried to use the card functions within the data manager, but they aren't available. After loading the data and apply the "pencil"-Icon I can see the whole table and its values, but the "preview" or "card"-Icon at the bottom right is disabled. I've tried to find out if this function is a part of Qlik Sense Desktop at all.

Could anyone explain me, what I need to do to use the profiling-functions i.e.

- Summary Card

- Bucket Card

-Split card

...so on.


I've been thinking about activating the profiling-functionality in general. But don't know where to do that.

Thank you all in advance!

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Re: Profiling Cards not available

I'm facing the same problem! Unable to see these profiling options so I can't even practice it now.

Someone please help! I'm using QlikSense Desktop Version 3.2 SR4.


Re: Profiling Cards not available

Make sure you are on June 2017 or later release. On that Data Manager page, go to "Table View" instead of Associations page.


Go To:   Editing a table with data profiling cards ‒ Qlik Sense