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Protection against unauthorized access to raw data

Hey everybody,

I have a small problem. I have a mashup and two kind of users. One group is allowed to see the raw data, the other is only allowed to see aggregated data.
Any ideas how to accomplish this?

I can easily create two different visualizations and show the right one to each group.
e.g.: Dimension: =if(aggr(count(*Dim1*),*Dim2*)>=2, *Dim1*) only Dimensions (*Dim2*) with at least two rows (*Dim1*) are shown

BUT: Isn’t it possible to for the users to create a visualization on the fly? With the help of the Visualization API. Any user, that is not allowed to see the raw data, could then see it. Or can't they?

How can I be very(!) sure only users that are allowed to see the raw data can see them?

Kind Regards,
John D.

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Re: Protection against unauthorized access to raw data

I try rephrasing my question:

I have a mashup with one app behind it.

I need two kind of users, with different access rights.
Both parties need access to the raw data. Only one is allowed to see the details, the other one is allowed to access the data in an aggregated form. So SA won’t help.

What is the best approach to achieve this?

What I came up with: Create two visualizations. One with only aggregated data (e.g. per country), one with raw data (e.g. per person).

But can’t the user, assuming some criminal energy, use the visualization API to create and see a visualization with the raw data in the mashup?
How to prevent a user accessing the raw data?

Kind Regards,