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Valued Contributor

QDF Generator app loads very slow & opens data load editor very slow


I've used the script for the QVD generator from the example container in Qlik Deployment Framework and was wondering if there is any issues with using this that anyone knows of? The Extract App becomes very slow after a while to open and also to open the data load editor and I can't seem to understand why.

Here is the script:

// ----------------------------------------

// Load the Customer data

// ----------------------------------------

LET vL.TableName='Customers';

LET vL.before=now();



FROM [$(vL.TableName)];

// ----------------------------------------

// Write out the QVD to the defined path

// ----------------------------------------

comment table [$(vL.TableName)] with 'Level2,CustomerData';  //Comment table

STORE [$(vL.TableName)] INTO '$(vL.QVDPath)\$(vL.TableName).qvd';

Call IndexAdd('$(vL.QVDPath)\$(vL.TableName).qvd'); // Add Index for the northwind database

// ----------------------------------------

// Create statistical data

// ----------------------------------------

LET vL.after=now();

LET vL.TableNumber=$(vL.TableNumber)+1;

let vL.TableName_$(vL.TableNumber) ='$(vL.TableName)';

let vL.NoOfRows_$(vL.TableNumber) = NoOfRows('$(vL.TableName)');

let vL.NoOfFields_$(vL.TableNumber) = NoOfFields('$(vL.TableName)');

let vL.TableTime_$(vL.TableNumber) =time(Timestamp('$(vL.after)') - timestamp('$(vL.before)'),'hh:mm:ss');

// *****************************************;

// Drop table;


DROP Table [$(vL.TableName)];

trace 'Dropped Table $(vL.TableName)';

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Valued Contributor

Re: QDF Generator app loads very slow & opens data load editor very slow

Bump on this thread?

8 min to extract about 50 mb into QVDs?

Find it very weird.

Any tips on this?