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QDF vG.SharedBasePath missing

Hi All,

could someone help me with the following?

I installed QDF ( SlimmedDown Containers) and I created a new container called Test.

I created a dashboard and I initiate the QDF in the script, but the vG.SharedBasePath is missing from the variables.

//Clean QDF variable cache for this demo

set vG.BasePath='';

set vG.SharedBasePath='';

SET vG.RootContainer='lib://Root/';

SET vG.HomeContainer='lib://Test/';

// InitLink.qvs Initiating Qlik Deployment Framework, root in multiple containers mode




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Re: QDF vG.SharedBasePath missing

Hi, I have the same problem since I upgrade to Qlik Sense Novembre Release.

Do you know how to solve it?

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Enrique Mora.
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