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Creator III
Creator III

QMC Task Skipped- App not Enabled

Hi All,

I have several tasks in the QMC that were skipped.  When I click the I next to status I see 'App not enabled' and then 'Changing task from Triggered to Skipped'.  The task is enabled and the trigger is enabled.  The task utilizes a daily trigger with no dependency on completion of any other apps so I am confused as to why this would be happening.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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Same exact issue here, running Qlik Sense February 2018 on Windows 2012 R2 Standard. Can't find any information anywhere about the "App not Enabled" status or what it means.

Log entry for more info:

Sequence#:         359


Timestamp:         20181107T174707.190+0000

Severity:          ERROR

Hostname:          xxxxxxxxxx

Id:                cea497d9-92f9-47ec-92fb-27a2a116d959

Description:       Command=Start task;Result=35;ResultText=Error: Failed

ProxySessionId:    0

ProxyPackageId:    0

RequestSequenceId: 0

UserDirectory:     XXXXXX

UserId:            xxxxxx

ObjectId:          1ae1a3c9-db32-4dc3-8b47-36c672cdffd9|6ff7dc12-728d-4099-bb7a-0e27e9abf188

ObjectName:        Manually triggered reload of Genome|Genome

Service:           Scheduler Scheduler

Origin:            Not available

Context:           Not available

Command:           Start task

Result:            35

Message:           App Genome is not enabled

Id2:               cea497d9-92f9-47ec-92fb-27a2a116d959

Contributor III
Contributor III

seeing same thing sometimes on June 2019 P5. haven't found any documentation on why this could happen. A manually triggered reload is immediately changing to skipped status.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi there,

Did you found the solution to this issue? any idea how to fix it?