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QMC - admin set up

Hi experts,

I know this is going to be a minor but would be useful to know about the solutions at hand.

Each time admin logs in QMC:

1. and goes to main console -> apps each time there is a need to add columns like "last modified" just to to sort apps to see the latest changes made by anyone. QMC does not save the preferences (chosen columns) and forces admin to add required columns.

2. and same goes when it comes to hub -> work. QMC always shows grid view. Even when admin choses list view, and sorts the apps by latest change - QMC will not save this preference and after log out - log in the grid view will be displayed.

Is there a way to force QMC to save the preferences so that the admin will not have to repeat the same actions over again.

Keen for your suggestions.

Kind regards,


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