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QMC not starting on a freshly added node

At the moment I only have one central node.

I have installed *.company.com cert and only https access is allowed.

The server is in a domain environment.

I just added another node ConsumerNode that has Repository, Engine and Printing service only.

The deployment went smooth, I have added this node from the central node and on the status can see 3 of 3 services are running for the new node.

When I go to proxies on the central node I can see that the new node proxy is disabled.

When I log in to the server at the new node and I run QMC from the server  I get "This page cannot be displayed"

What I am missing?

Do I need to enable the proxy for the rim node on the central server?

Do I need to install *.company.com cert on the node?

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Re: QMC not starting on a freshly added node

Proxy service is not installed on the rim node.

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