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QS : Select the first value in list box

Hi All,

I am trying to check if there is a way in Qlik Sense to select the first value (Only one) that appears in a list box every time the sheet is refreshed or navigated to. And the data is alphanumeric.

Thank you.


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Re: QS : Select the first value in list box

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Re: QS : Select the first value in list box

Hi Shraddha,

Thanks for the reply. I have the climber selection bar but the problem is when I am renaming the label of  the dimension it shows the values/fields of the dimension in the edit window but as soon as I go to the preview or over view , those values don't appear. And if I leave the dimension label as is, the values appear in preview or over view of the app.

Next I want one selected value which must be the first value under that dimension. Note those values might change with time. So, the first value may also change. Can you help with to get the first value, if the values are dynamic.

Thank you!