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QVD reload time in Qliksense

I'm trying to get the reload times for the QVDs in my Qliksense apps, but when I used the QVDReloadTime function, it returns <NULL>.  I am referencing the post below.

Re: QVD Reload Time?

Here's my script statement:




FROM [lib://QVDs (qlickserver_qliksense_service) (cpsb_coal.creek)/Tests_EOC.qvd] (qvd);

Let vReloadTimeTest = QvdCreateTime(Tests_EOC.qvd);

Do I need to specify the path in more detail?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: QVD reload time in Qliksense

Have you tried something like

Let vReloadTimeTest = QvdCreateTime('lib://QVDs (qlickserver_qliksense_service) (cpsb_coal.creek)/Tests_EOC.qvd');

Re: QVD reload time in Qliksense

Write your expression this way 'Tests_EOC.qvd' with single quotes open and close.

Let vReloadTimeTest = QvdCreateTime('Tests_EOC.qvd');