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Creator II
Creator II

QVDs for License Monitor

We are using Qlik Sense April 2020 Enterprise release. We use multiple BI Tools  and created a Dashboard in Qlikview.  In the dashboard we track t he usage of each app in all the BI Tools. For QV we use dthe Governance Dashboard and created the SessionMaster.qvd which we can use to track the Usage of QV Apps. 

In Qlik Sense however it is much more difficult task because the data is scattered around in multiple tables. I am looking for the below 3 fields.





Session Timestamp.

These fields exists in different tables. Is there a way for me to create a single QVD with those 4 fields, which I can use  in QV Dashboard

2 Replies

1. You can do a binary load from the License Monitor, manipulate the data as you need, and store a QVD.

2. You can debug the load script from License Monitor to see where the data comes from, and create an extractor replicating the data manipulation for the fields you need.

3. You can customize the License Monitor and add code to the end of load script. This is not ideal, as you will probably need to remember this when upgrading to newer versions.

Creator II
Creator II

The problem is that LIcense Monitor data model is much more complicated than QV . The 3 fields I need UserID,AppNAme,Timestamp exist in different tables. How can I get these 3 fields in a single QVD so it can be appended to the Qv Data