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QVF command line execution


I have worked with QlikView where I was able to call qv.exe from command line to load QVD files. Now I am trying to do the same with QlikSense Server edition, but not able to. Below is the command I am using:

"C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Engine\Engine.exe" /R \\location\qlik_sense_test.qvf

It runs without throwing any error, but doesn't modify the QVD file.

The script inside the QVF file is simple read from a txt file and load into a QVD file. It runs perfectly fine when run from QlikSense interface.

Can someone please suggest how to make QVF run from command line?



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Re: QVF command line execution

Hi Surabi,

You can't run the reload like that. As far as I know there is a silent install option with command line arguments, but you can't do reload from command line. (It may be through API, but need to develop a solution by yourself).

If you are using server edition of Qlik Sense, you are able to set task in order to reload your application at QMC.

You can set daily, hourly, weekly so on... trigger, or with task event trigger you can make your task depend on other tasks.


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Re: QVF command line execution

Thanks, undergrinder‌.

I am going to investigate ways to create a task and triggering that task externally from c# code.



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Re: QVF command line execution

Are you able to schedule QVF file by any means? Please let me know