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Qlik Duplicating Values

Hello Everyone,

Some field values are duplicating when they are added into Qlik.

For example,

I have raw data that looks like so:   


Q1 Budget

Study Room Program Manager6000
Study Room Assistant1800
Generator Expenses300
Phonebills & Internet Expenses125
Professional Fees - Lawyer & Auditor1250
Public School Supervisors0
Revision & Consulting0
Marketing & Advertising0
Web Fees (Social Media)1000
Study Room Furniture (Two Class rooms & accessories)0
Equipment (Required for bigger premises)


But for some reason, when uploaded to Qlik, the values are duplicated.

Screenshot (55).png

Why is that? I know I can solve the issue using distinct i.e. Sum(distinct [Quarter One Budget]). But I am curious as to why this is happening. Please can someone explain this to me.

Thank you in advance,


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Re: Qlik Duplicating Values

Hi Alison,

From you posted above looks like your Category table is not associated with Data table, so displaying Q1 Budget by Item will most probably cause some duplication. Rather than resolving this by using sum( distinct MeasureName) in the chart itself this should be resolve in your script by re-designing your data model.

How is your data connected?

If you could post a sample app that would be really helpful.


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Re: Qlik Duplicating Values


Could you share your code? Is difficult to understand what's happening without see it.


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Re: Qlik Duplicating Values

Please post your load script.

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Re: Qlik Duplicating Values

Hello all,

Thank you for your responses, here is the load script:

[Project Budget]:

CROSSTABLE ([Project Budget.Attribute field],[Project Budget.Data field],4)

LOAD [Item],

[Y1 Budget],

[Q1 Budget],

[Q2 Budget],







FROM [lib://Finance Apps/MMKN.xlsx]

(ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Project Budget]);



  [Project Budget.Data field] as [Project Budget Amount],

  [Item] as [Project Budget Item],

  [Y1 Budget] as [Year One Project Budget],

  [Q1 Budget] as [Quarter One Budget],

  [Q2 Budget] as [Quarter Two Budget],

  Date#([Project Budget.Attribute field]) as Date

Resident [Project Budget];

Drop table [Project Budget];



Item, Category

Public School Supervisor, Activities

Priniting, Activities

Revision & Consulting, Activities

Marketing & Advertising. Activities

Web Fees (Social Media), Activities

Study Room Furniture (Two Class rooms & accessories), Capital Costs

Equipment(Required for bigger premises), Capital Costs

Study Room Program Manager, Salaries

Study Room Assistance, Salaries

Rent, Overhead Costs

Utilities, Overhead Costs

Generator Expenses, Overhead Costs

Phonebills & Internet Expenses, Overhead Costs

Professional Fees - Lawyer & Auditor, Overhead Costs

Stationary, Overhead Costs


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Re: Qlik Duplicating Values


Why Category and Date are not joined in your screenshot? In the small code you share are joined?

Why you have this tables called Data-1, Data-2, etc...?


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Re: Qlik Duplicating Values

I have tables called Data-1 and Data-2 because I wanted to have a master calendar.

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Re: Qlik Duplicating Values

Hi Alison,

May be In your Master table have duplicate values and you applied master on transaction data . That may be cause.


Arvind Patil

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Re: Qlik Duplicating Values

If you change this line in Date:

     [Item] as [Project Budget Item],

And write this


Item will be linked in both tables.