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New Contributor

Qlik Engine API - Get list of sheets and objects


Hoping I've found the correct forum for this question. I'm using the Qlik Engine API to return a JSON response containing a list of sheets and associated objects for a given app.

I've been using the GetDocList, OpenDoc, CreateSessionObject and GetLayout methods to try and accomplish this.

CreateSessionObject is throwing an error in console:

{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":0,"error":{"code":-32700,"parameter":"Unexpected JSON token","message":"JSON parse error"}}

My code looks like this:

  request = [


        "id": 3,

        "name": "SHEETLIST",

        "method": "CreateSessionObject",

        "handle": "${dochandle}",

        "params": [


                "qInfo": {

                    "qType": "SheetList"


                "qAppObjectListDef": {

                    "qType": "sheet",

                    "qData": {

                        "title": "/qMetaDef/title",

                        "description": "/qMetaDef/description",

                        "thumbnail": "/thumbnail",

                        "cells": "/cells",

                        "rank": "/rank",

                        "columns": "/columns",

                        "rows": "/rows"







        "method": "GetLayout",

        "handle": "${SHEETLIST.result.qReturn.qHandle}",

        "params": []



My question is 2 part - Is there something wrong with the way my request is structured, or is there a simpler way to do this?