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Qlik REST connector incorrect interpretation of JSON from Open TSDB

Hi Team,

The partner reported the following issue which also has been discussed in REST connection to specific JSON structure (Open TSDB)

Installation and replication of this Open TSDB is quite complex.   Could anyone please provide any suggestion?


We are running Qlik Sense September 2017 and are having an issue loading data from the Open TSDB API due to the JSON format being interpreted in a way that means the time series data cannot be loaded for a filtered time period. Here is a link to the API documentation http://opentsdb.net/docs/build/html/api_http/index.html

The JSON returns a set of value pairs for time and metric but this is interpreted by Qlik as Field Name and Value. So when you create the REST SQL query you get: -






...(thousands of other fields)...



FROM "dps" FK "__FK_dps")

FROM JSON (wrap on) "root" PK "__KEY_root";

I am looking to create an on demand App that is driven from a summary view of the time series data that highlights anomalies and allows the user to highlight the time around the anomaly and launch an App with the detail metrics, value per second, around this event. As the REST SQL does not allow a select * statement the query filter on the API call will always return different time elements that are not predictable due to missing elements etc so there is no way that this will work as the SQL statement needs to be generated for each call.

I have also found this thread on the community that is about the same issue https://community.qlik.com/thread/269492

Please can you indicate a work around or possible alternative solution to this issue.


Thank you

Best Regards


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Re: Qlik REST connector incorrect interpretation of JSON from Open TSDB

I would think that a very good alternative approach would be Qlik Advanced Analytics Integration.

Advanced Analytics Integration

This allows full integration with some back-end server like Open TSDB from both Qlik Scripts and directly from Qlik Sense Applications in the UI with something called Server Side Extensions which allow Qlik Expressions to include remote functions implemented on back-ends to be performed.

You have a choice of languages to implement the interface with examples in Python, R and more.

GitHub - qlik-oss/server-side-extension: A Qlik server-side extension protocol for extending the Qli...


Re: Qlik REST connector incorrect interpretation of JSON from Open TSDB

Hi Peter,

Thank you very much.  This is very helpful.

Best Regards



Re: Qlik REST connector incorrect interpretation of JSON from Open TSDB

HI Lisa,

Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

I am experiencing the same issue here  in this thread REST Connection - Dynamic RestConnectorMasterTable



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