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New Contributor III

Qlik Rest connector and Google Analytics

I've been researching this for almost a week now, and I feel more confused now than when I started. I realize that the QVSource is the recommended plugin, but it's out of the budget.

I have been able to connect the rest connector to our google analytics, but when I go to load the data, nothing shows up other than the dimensions and metrics I've chosen (ie.. "ga:sessions", "ga:country" etc).

I have tried following a couple "guides"

Like this one: Introducing the Qlik REST Connector‌  and this one: REST CONNECTOR locate the Authorization token

But as I stated earlier but I feel like I'm missing something.

If anyone can help me with the additional scripting that would be great. An example would be phenomenal.

The data I'm looking at pulling is sessions, dates and countries (typical data).

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Valued Contributor II

Re: Qlik Rest connector and Google Analytics

Hi Troy,

I had a long discussion with Qlik Expert and Result was it is not a right solution to use Rest Connector for Google Analytic. QV Source is the only solution where you can get data on which you can do reporting. I lost that thread so I can show you how it all was started.