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Qlik Sense 2.0: Best practice to give poweruser access to files?


On Qlik Sense Server I want to give some power users the rights to add any file to their script.

I realized that normal users don't have the possibility to select "All Files"|"Comma Seperated Files"|"Excel-Files"

See screenshot.


I had to give the user "ContentAdmin" rights so this menu entries show up. Does anyone knows if this is best practice, or can I reach the same without giving ContentAdmin rights?



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Hi Roland,

I have checked this and can tell you that this working as designed.

Point is that Folder Data Connection can be a security issue and therefore is by standard restricted to "resource.type = "folder" and (user.roles = "RootAdmin" or user.roles = "ContentAdmin" or user.roles = "SecurityAdmin")"

This is set up in Security Rules - FolderDataConnection

The user cannot see this due this and in Help you can also read: "If the Folder option is not available, you do not have access right to add folder connections. Contact your Qlik Sense system administrator." https://help.qlik.com/sense/2.0/en-US/online/#../Subsystems/Hub/Content/LoadData/folder-data-connect... connection

When you change the security rule you can allow users to access Folder Data Connection as well, but please be aware if the user may now have access to potential risk data.

Hope this answer your question.




Thanks for the answer Sonja!

I have added a new "User-Custom Property" called "Company" and asssigned "heldendaten" to all relevant users.

Then I added "or user.Company="heldendaten" to the rule.

Works fine!

Good to see Qlik Sense security rules in action

ec2-46-137-130-127 - - Remotedesktopverbindung_2015-07-30_13-58-07.png

ec2-46-137-130-127 - - Remotedesktopverbindung_2015-07-30_13-57-19.png