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Qlik Sense 3.0 drill-down breadcrumbs not showing in Scatter Plot

Well, my title states the problem. All other charts show the breadcrumbs. I don't know how to enable this, or if breadcrumbs are just not visible in scatter plots.

If it is not possible to show the breadcrumbs I would like the option to be able to reference the selected field within the drill-down master item. Kind of like using the getfieldselections() method, but for that master item. I could add that to my object title and call it a day, but I'm striking out with this too.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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Re: Qlik Sense 3.0 drill-down breadcrumbs not showing in Scatter Plot

Hi, I know this is a late enough answer, but, anyhow (you may have found your answer already)
The drill-up function (or more commonly called bread-crumbs) is available in bar charts, pie charts, and line charts.- and they only show if you select

Appearance-->X-axis-->Labels and Title; or Appearance-->Y-axis-->Labels and Title.

Mind you, if the object is "too small" in the user interface, the bread-crumbs will not show, unless you maximise the object to full size, or edit it up to a bigger size.