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Qlik Sense Alternate States

Hello All,

I have successfully implemented comparative analysis using set object state extension and this extension works fine.

Two Questions:

1.Currently, I'm using filter pane to add a group of filters which is set to State 1 and another filter pane to State 2.

Any filter Selections in State1 and State2 are not displayed on top current selections bar. Is there a way to display these selections?

2.Global filter selections should not impact comparative analysis report. Do we have an option to clear all other selections before I move to comparative analysis tab?

Thank you.

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Re: Qlik Sense Alternate States

1. You can't get the alternate state selections to show in the top current selections bar. The only alternative would be to create a text object underneath that show the alternate state selections instead for instance underneath.

GetCurrentSelections ([record_sep [, tag_sep [, value_sep [, max_values [, state_name]]]]])

2. I think this extension might work for you:

        Stefan Walther's Sheet Navigation +  Actions for Qlik Sense: Qlik Branch