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Qlik Sense App: Alternate States in Qlik Sense

We're in the process of transitioning from QlikView 12 to QlikSense Feb2019. I'm having difficulties with replicating adhoc tables, which have a quick action to toggle between straight table and pivot table.

I've created a Master Item (table) where my columns have "Show column if" conditions that check selections in an isolated table. This works perfectly when I place the master item directly on a sheet. Only the desired columns are shown. However, when I try to add the master item to a container this ceases to work, as all columns are shown.

The sheet has an Alternate state applied to it, all other objects inherit this state. When I set this to 'Inherited' on the sheet the functionality works as expected again. Unfortunately, this is not a practical workaround as it defeats the purpose of having Alternate states at all.

I tried this in combination with the following containers:
-"Show/hide container"
-"Tabbed container"
-"Climber container"

None of them behave as desired, and none have the option to explicitly set the Alternate state either.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Btw: I know there is a paid version of the Climber extension that would also fulfil our needs, but we are on a limited budget so I prefer to use out of the box functionality.

P.s., The example screen shot is with a custom Alternate state applied.

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Re: Qlik Sense App: Alternate States in Qlik Sense

I'm running into the same issue - Sheets with an alternate state set don't seem to pass the state down to some master items specifically the show/hide container. This must be a bug. Thanks for mentioning the Climber extension.

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Re: Qlik Sense App: Alternate States in Qlik Sense

You are correct, this is specifically related to master items. I found that this behavior applies on Filter pane master items as well. I hope someone will look into this.