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Qlik Sense Calculation with Missing Data

I recently posted an issue I was having with missing data, and received a solution for it.  However, I am having a similar issue and am unable to resolve it.

The original issue is documented in this post:

Qlik Sense Calculation with Missing Data

The issue I am having now is similar, but not the same.  Originally, I was having a problem with a restaurant that has missing current week sales, but sales exists for the prior 4 weeks, and I received a solution for that.  Now, the issue is with a restaurant that has current week sales, but is missing sales for the prior 4 weeks.  I tried to implement the solution for the original problem, but I am not able to get it to work in this case.

Here is an illustration of the problem:


RestaurantSalesTrailing 4 WeeksGrowth %
Sales for Calc (Correct)Trailing 4 Weeks for Calc (Correct)Growth %

In the above example, the original issue was with Restaurant 2.  I have a similar issue with Restaurant 5.  Both of these restaurants should not be included in the Total calculation.  The correct Growth % is 9.4%, not the 4.4% that is being calculated currently.

I have attached the original app updated with the Restaurant 5 example.  Can someone help provide me with how I can calculate the total Growth % without including Restaurants 2 and 5?