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Qlik Sense - Colouring of Stacked bar charts and Combo charts

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask if there are any solutions for defining colors in Qlik Sense combo or stacked bar charts?

Currently, the only way that i know of is using the color expression. This is possible if i were to hardcode it.

A sample script of the expression would be:

if (Count(Name)>= 100, (rgb(8, 9, 10)),

  if (Count(Name)>= 90,(rgb(124, 123, 119)),

  if (Count(Name)>= 56,(rgb(188, 186, 177)),

    if (Count(Name)>= 44,(rgb(224, 178, 11)),

    if (Count(Name)>= 30,(rgb(14, 96, 140)),

        if (Count(Name)>= 15,(rgb(181, 222, 244)), (rgb(249, 249, 247))))))))

However, if i want to color my bars according this expression:

count({$<[FAKEYN]={"Y"}>} FAKEYN)


count({$<[TYPE1]={"2"}>} TYPE1)

where each expression represents a different variable, i am unable to do so.

The closest i have gotten to solve this is to use the ColourStyler extension downloaded. What i have done is i have linked the visualization, changed the colors using the extension, unlinked the visualization and  edit the color expression code. BUT, i am only able to colour the entire stacked bar (Same color) instead of them individually. I am also unable to colour the bars specifically. (See before and after)




Does anyone know how to go about this? Be it an expression that i am unaware of or whether it is a limited capability of QlikSense for now.

Thanks and regards,


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Re: Qlik Sense - Colouring of Stacked bar charts and Combo charts


A half year later... are you still working on this?

First of all, what does the "after" picture represent?

Also, I'm not sure I understand your requirements. Do you want each bar to be colored by its own, distinct expression?