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Qlik Sense - Development and Publish - Process

Hey guys,

I am completely new to Qlik Sense development. I have years of QlikView experience but we are now starting on Qlik Sense environment.

So, the first thing I am thinking about is how we need to build up or development process und publishing process.

In QlikView we are doing it as followed (just one product as an example):

We built up routines that recognize new data. Then, QlikView - ETL starts and end up with qvd-files that contains the data model. After then, our Product_MASTER.qvw is copied for the customer with the customer-id (e.g. Product_1.qvw) and reloaded. The .qvw is then copied to the QlikView Storage and distributed using qmsedx. The rights are set once in the distribution job in the QMC.

We plan to use Qlikview for the data preparation of our QlikSense apps first as we are familiar with it.

But then here are my questions:

- How can we build up a master.qvf that is then copied for the customer-id and publish it? Do I have to duplicate it first and afterwards publish it as the Product_1.qvf? When I duplicate it, how can I set the user who is ment to see it? Is there a tool like qmsedx which can do this using a shell-script?

- How do you develop new versions? Do you have got a local QlikSense Desktop version or are you doing it centrally on the server?

Are there any documentations out there that fits my topics?

I am happy for any kind of help since this is totally new for me. I think, working and pushing files through the servers in QlikView was easier at first sight 🙂