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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Sense - Dynamic record level visualizations


I am trying to create a Qlik Sense app to analyze the comparable companies (ie a variable number of competitors) of a single company (selected by the user) but have visualizations for each comp displayed individually but simultaneously on the same sheet  as that of the user-selected company (the user can also decide to exclude / include the assumed comps in the final analysis).

My assumptions is that each visualization would need to have some sort of dynamic expression to specifically reference a particular record within the selection of comps, but am having difficulty locating the syntax to perform this specification. In SQL, I would equate this expression to ROW_NUMBER(), which would then be specified in each visual's dimension expression. Ideally, there is an extension out there that can generate the appropriate number of visualizations for each record in the selection.  

I appreciate your help, 


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