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Qlik Sense Graphs: how to filter based on an expression

Hi folks, I am new to Qlik Sense, and I am having trouble devising an expression to limit my bar graph results.  I have the Round_Year as the X axis, and the Count(Distinct APP_NUMBER) as the measure.  I only want to count those Applications where the Final Amount disbursed is greater than $0:  This calculation is based on the Amount approved, plus any Increases, and minus any decreases or reversals.  I have this expressed as:  Sum(APPROVED_AMT)+Sum(ADJ_INCREASE_AMT)-Sum(ADJ_DECREASE_AMT)-Sum(ADJ_REVERSE_AMT)>0.  I thought I could limit the results using the Expression box under the Measures properties, but I am unfamiliar with the syntax used in Qlik Sense to filter the results.  Can anyone help please?  Thank you in advance

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Re: Qlik Sense Graphs: how to filter based on an expression

Easiest thing to do is probably create an additional field for Final Amount in the load script and then use set analysis in your measure to only display values > 0.

Example attached - I've had to create dummy data (the inline load part of the script). You would just need from the left join line of the code.

For the set analysis on the measure the syntax is

Expression ( {<Field to be filtered = {values to display} Field to be measured)

n.b When using greater or less than signs need to put in quotes otherwise will get an error

Hope that helps!