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Qlik Sense How to do Forecasting?

Hi All,

Can someone tell how to do forecasting line chart for some financial data.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Qlik Sense How to do Forecasting?

I used:


linest_m(total aggr(if(SUM(Revenue),SUM(Revenue)),Date),Date)* 


+linest_b(total aggr(if(SUM(Revenue),SUM(Revenue)),Date),Date))

which uses the very simple y=mx+b to calculate the straight line. If you project your [Date] forward, the line will be projected forward as well.

This created a set "MMM-YYYY" of 12 months behind, 3 months ahead:

Let varMinDate = Num(MonthStart(AddMonths(Today(),-12)));



               Date(AddMonths($(varMinDate), + RecNo() - 1),'MMM-YYYY') as Date

AutoGenerate 15;

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Re: Qlik Sense How to do Forecasting?


Go through the below attached qvw files it might help u.

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