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Qlik Sense Inputting and Saving Variables as Bookmarks

Hi All,

I've got a unique requirement that I could use some help with.
I'm building a Qlik Sense dashboard that helps with forecasting.
Each forecast is calculated on a combination of historical data from a source system
and user defined variable inputs.

For example, a user will utilize five input boxes to type in money amounts.
These money amounts inputted, will be referenced in the measures of the graphs and charts to create a forecast scenario.

Once the user is happy with the results, they want to save this 'scenario' as a bookmark.
This is where the issue comes in. It appears Qlik Sense does not save variable values as part of a bookmark.

Is there a way for variables to be saved as a bookmark?
Is there a better way to solve for this that avoids variables?

Thanks for your help!


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Re: Qlik Sense Inputting and Saving Variables as Bookmarks

No answer. Sorry...

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