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Qlik Sense Load Balancing

Dear All

I'm installing Qlik Server Multi Node with the architecture as in the picture (1 Central 8GB, 1 Engine 16GB , 1 Proxy 8GB)


And I'm having problems about Load Balancing

This is my configuration


I perform the test by load 2 application (size ~4GB for each App), but only Engine Node performs the load application with 90% of RAM used, while the Central node only use 20% of the RAM.

I don't know what the problem is in the configuration

Please help me if possible

If you need more information please let me know

Thanks and best regards

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New Contributor II

Re: Qlik Sense Load Balancing

I have same issue. You can solved?

New Contributor III

Re: Qlik Sense Load Balancing

Did you get this resolved?

Which version of Qlik Sense are you running? What synchronisation rules do you have set up?



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