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Qlik Sense Map Chart Area Layer Missing Zip Codes

I have a list of zip codes I want to plot on a map, with colors to break them into groups. I loaded the data and configured a map chart with an area layer, and I selected my "zip5_cd" column for the location field and selected "postal code/zip code" as the location type, and I entered 'US' as the country, and it gets pretty close to what I want, but you can see there are several zip codes not filled in, and at the top of the chart it has the exclamation point with a note saying that several zips could not be found. But these are valid zips, and when I drop the same data into Tableau it maps perfectly with no missing values, so I would think Qlik could accomplish the same thing. I've seen postings about creating kml files from google maps, but that seems to be beyond what I should have to do here since Zips are commonly used, and most of them work properly, so I just need to figure out why it can't find those last few. Any ideas what I can try? 


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Re: Qlik Sense Map Chart Area Layer Missing Zip Codes


I've similar situation. Even KML zip file in this case is not resolving the issue as can be seen from the screen shots included here.

The base layer in Qlik and Tableau are both using OpenStreetMap Contributors. I've latest desktop versions of both Tableau (2019.1) and Qlik Sense (February 2019).

It is very frustrating that Qlik tool is not producing chart correctly and efficiently than Tableau. I'm using same zip information file (data point) in Tableau and Qlik. 



The user requesting this functionality is wanting to have Tableau as it is very easy to achieve mapping (really serves as self service for business users).

User commented following while requesting to achieve it in Qlik Sense

Please plan the maps in the order mentioned above (State > County > Zip). I will be very interested how much time it takes to make a map for each one of the categories above as that will be key to determine whether the tool is efficient or not. Additionally, please make a note of any external files (kml, others) required as if those are not standardized in a software, then it’s not a preferred option.

Base layer zip area


Following is with ZIP KML (it is same as base layer output seen above



I hope someone at Qlik will address this frustrating functionality in Qlik  @Michael_Tarallo 


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Re: Qlik Sense Map Chart Area Layer Missing Zip Codes

I am having the same issue. Qlik sense is not detecting zip codes.
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Re: Qlik Sense Map Chart Area Layer Missing Zip Codes

@kurtwert71 @jinesh_kachhara @vvira1316  Did you find any solution for this ?

I also have similar use case, @Patric_Nordstrom can you please help us out here.


Re: Qlik Sense Map Chart Area Layer Missing Zip Codes

Ok, this an old thread, haven't seen it until now.

@kurtwert71 , the main reason that not all zip codes are visible in your case is because some zip code doesn't have a boundary, they are assigned to a company/organization rather than area. Try googling for 31702,US 31703, US, the will show only as a pin.

@vvira1316 the default way Sense renders zip is by location name lookup, change the Location field to the geometry field of the KML file. The KML you loaded and our source is different, we use zctas to better link with US census statistics. The areas also look different because the selection is not the same, 48647 is not included in the first picture.

Tableau doesn't have any zip code areas built in at all, where as Qlik Sense comes with zip code areas for 18 countries (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay YTD), check out Sense coverage here:


For more tips on location lookup and zip code in Sense please check out: