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Qlik Sense : No RegEx, another option ?

Hi everyone,

In the code below, I create a new field "GroupeMonde" indicating a category for each element of the field "Monde". To do that, I point out all items included in each category each time.

This time I managed to make my category because there was not a lot of different elements inside, but having another category to achieve, including many other things, I have to try another way to make it.

From my research, it is impossible to use regular expressions in Qlik Sense, or even via a VBScript as it is possible to do on Qlik View. How to do it?

Thank you for your help,





    "Date dernier test",


    "Application secourue",

    "Criticité STAMP",



          or Monde='Autres, UNIX-LINUX'

          or Monde='UNIX-AIX'

          or Monde='UNIX-AIX, UNIX-ESX, Windows'

          or Monde='UNIX-AIX, UNIX-LINUX'

          or Monde='UNIX-AIX, UNIX-LINUX, UNIX-SUN'

          or Monde='UNIX-AIX, UNIX-LINUX, UNIX-SUN, Windows'

          or Monde='UNIX-AIX, UNIX-LINUX, Windows'

          or Monde='UNIX-AIX, UNIX-SUN'

          or Monde='UNIX-AIX, Windows'

          or Monde='UNIX-ESX, Windows'

          or Monde='UNIX-HP'

          or Monde='UNIX-LINUX'

          or Monde='UNIX-LINUX, UNIX-SUN'

          or Monde='UNIX-LINUX, UNIX-SUN, Windows'

          or Monde='UNIX-LINUX, Windows'

          or Monde='UNIX-SUN'

          or Monde='UNIX-SUN, Windows', Dual('SDI', 1),


           If(Monde='MVS', Dual('Mainframe', 2),


               If(Monde='MVS, UNIX-AIX'

                  or Monde='MVS, UNIX-AIX, UNIX-LINUX, Windows'

                  or Monde='MVS, UNIX-AIX, UNIX-SUN'

                  or Monde='MVS, UNIX-LINUX'

                  or Monde='MVS, UNIX-LINUX, UNIX-SUN'

                  or Monde='MVS, UNIX-LINUX, Windows'

                  or Monde='MVS, Windows', Dual('Mixste', 3),


                      If(Monde='Autres', Dual('Autres', 4),


                          If(Monde='<NULL>', Dual('<NULL>', 5),

                             ))))) as GroupeMonde  


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Re: Qlik Sense : No RegEx, another option ?

Have you considered doing it as a resident load? Then you can group the categorisations to different levels.