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Qlik Sense Pivot with percentages

Hi all

I have the following table with the rawdata:


NRProjectTaskKSTKOAIDDescriptionStatusAssigneeRisk LevelDeadline
1API Design 2ClosedJohnMedium18.09.2016
2API Development 2BehindMarthaLow31.08.2016
3API Testing 1Work in ProgressJill High14.07.2016

and I need to produce the following pivot:

Task Status/Priority HighMediumLowTotal% of Total
Closed 010125%
Work in Progress 110250%
Behind 001125%
Not Started 00000%
Total 1214100%

Any Ideas how to achieve a pivot with percentages?

Thanx and best regards

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Re: Qlik Sense Pivot with percentages

Would you be able to share a sample?

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Re: Qlik Sense Pivot with percentages

Hi Sunny T

I have the following excel with the rawdata and the mockup dashboard as it should look like.

Best regards